Welcome to the wild, yet relaxed West

Colorado has one of the most diverse mix of outdoor activities and laid back vibe. Whether you are into extreme sports or memorable nights out in town, there are plenty of reasons to visit. But where to start with such a huge state? This list will give some ideas of what Colorado has to offer and some starting points for your journey. I’m sure there’s plenty of more activities to add but here are some of the ones I enjoyed in my short visit to the mid-west.


#10 Snowshoeing 

Despite its frigid appearance, Snowshoeing isn’t as bad or cold as it looks. Even in the month of February, the ever shinning sun in Colorado kept the temperature at an astounding 70 degrees Fahrenheit!  Plus walking around with tennis rackets really helps to keep warm. Breckenridge has dozens of trails ranging from beginner to expert. Take in the brisk cool air and the majestic mountains as you walk through beautiful snow covered paths. I almost forgot how refreshing nature can be. Watch out for moose though. They with totally ruin your day…or life.




#9 Red Rocks Amphitheater

If your close to Denver, Colorado definitely consider checking out the Red rocks Amphitheater. If there’s two sublime things that this state has plenty of, its a skyline with enormous mountains and very attractive rocks. Walk down to the center of of the theater to get an awesome view and listen for the echos that resonate with every step. On days with no concerts you can see dozens of people hanging out or exercising up the steps for a decent challenge. Bonus points if you go during a live concert. Check out their main site and experience acoustic euphoria Red Rocks Entertainment Concerts.


#8 Hiking

I am not usually an advocate of struggling up inclined terrain, but the scenery in Colorado is just way too beautiful to pass up. With hundreds of options to choose from, your almost always guaranteed to see some majestic mountains once you reach the top. Just be aware the elevation at Denver starts around 5,000ft so you may need some time to adjust to the altitude. Especially since many of the mountains range from 8,000ft – 13,000ft! Better buy some oxygen in a can if you need the extra help. Yes its a thing, and yes its only a little odd.


#7 Visit Golden, Colorado

One of my favorite towns in Colorado has to be Golden. The downtown area has an old school cowboy western vibe to it. With tons of shops and local owned restaurants, it’s a great place to go souvenir shopping and hangout. There are also a few delis with Buffalo and Elk sandwiches which I would totally recommend.

#6 Coorsfactory 

When you get tired of walking around and being sober, Check out the Coorsfactory in downtown Golden for a brewery tour. You get free samples and a tour of the factory to see how its all made. If you love their beer or just want a fun afternoon event with free booze, check out their site here. Or you if you want to look at the buildings from way above on another hiking venture (I know right) check out La Mesa for some pretty sick views.


#5  Denver, Colorado

The biggest city in Colorado, Denver has a bit of everything to offer. Beautiful city lights, Great restaurants and stunning views. The 16th Street Mall is a bustling city center filled with with energy and limited amount of hobos wandering about. There’s a free bus that loops around the city that is super convenient for getting around. When you need a break from the fast paced city, take a drive up Look Out Mountain. Its a great spot to gaze at the city lights from high above. While you at the top take a few moments to pay respects to Buffalo Bill’s Grave. Watch out not to go too fast on the way down, those windy roads can be tricky.


#4 Rooftop Bars in LoDo

Drinking in Lower Downtown, or LoDo as the cool kids refer to it, is a quintessential Denver experience. Check out LODO’s Bar and Grill for some awesome drink specials and a chill vibe. Plus you can stare at the eyes of the opposing rooftop bar goers as you declare inebriated psychological war.


#3 Rocky Mountain National Park

Like I mentioned earlier, the awesome views with a mountain range skyline and beautifully sculpted rocks never ends. If you have an affinity for nature and outdoor walks then this is the place for you. Check it out for an atmosphere that’s hard to describe in words.

#2 Garden of the Gods

Just as epic as it sounds, Garden of the Gods is definitely an awe inspiring sight to see. Located in Colorado Springs, its worth the hour trip from Denver if you have the time. The enormous monoliths will make you feel just how small you really are in the world. Its easy to spend a whole afternoon admiring the grandeur of the scenery so wear comfortable shoes.


#1 Snowboarding/Skiing

The epitome of outdoor mountain activities, Snowboarding the best outdoor activity to take part in while in Colorado (sorry skiers). With some of the greatest mountains in the country, There’s no better place to join in or try it for the first time. The sheer magnitude of the trails as you look down and the gorgeous mountain ranges as you look up will take your breath away, both literally and figuratively. One of the best Skii resorts I have ever been to, Breckenridge is a magnificent place to spend the entire day Shredding down a mountain. With some trails around 12,000ft up, take some time to admire the view while you catch your breath.


So If your an avid skier/snowboarder, nature lover, or party goer consider taking a trip to Colorado. It offers lots of variety so you can switch up your vacation’s pace at any time. Let me know know how your experience in Colorado was or if I missed anything. As always thanks for reading and keep leveling up!

*I included a video of me snowboarding on Breckenridge Peak 7. Check it out!