Euphoria in the Emerald City

Seattle is a lively city with a cool metropolitan vibe. If you’re determined, most of the cities largest attractions can be seen within a few days. With tons of great food selections, atmospheric walks, and scenic skylines, there’s a lot to choose from. But fear not for I shall guide you through the Pacific Northwest’s largest city. Here’s my top ten favorite things to do while in Seattle.


#10 Starbucks Reserve Roastery

Seattle is known nation wide for its excellent coffee products. I’m not particularly fond of coffee (I know you can shame me if you want) but there is no better place to try the roasted brew. Seattle is home to the original Strabucks Coffee. Although I recommend going to the Starbucks Reserve Roastery instead to avoid longer lines and less impressive atmosphere. The Nitro Cold Brew was quite delicious!


#9 China Town

It seems like every major city has its very own unique China town and Seattle is no exception. With dozens of authentic restaurants, eccentric markets, and oriental decor, This China town has a very distinct feel. Grab some Dim Sum and head to some retro video game shops for a chill afternoon!


#8 Gas works Park

Seattle is a city of pure serenity, which is evident in all the great views of the skyline. Gas Works park offers a great waterfront view of the city with a calm atmosphere. Stop by for a relaxing break from the city.


#7 Bruce Lee and Brandon Lee’s grave site 

Located at the Lake View Cemetery, lies the greatest Martial Artist and Philosopher of all time as well as his son who is just as accomplished. A personal idol to myself, Bruce Lee has inspired many to become great in every aspect of their lives. Feeling the euphoria of getting to pay your respects to your role model is an incredible moment. “Your inspiration continues to guide us toward our own liberation.” Rest in Peace.


#6 Olympic Sculpture Park

A free outdoor exhibit provided by the Seattle Art Museum right along the coast. Its a liberating feeling admiring artwork in the open air and sunlight. I can’t say i truly understand or appreciate art, but there are definitely some interesting shapes to look at.



#5 Seattle Underground

Getting in some history from a new city heightens the experience of your travels. Join one of the Seattle Underground Tours to see Seattle from a completely different perspective (literally). Plus a complementary cocktail drink is included with the ticket. Check out their site to schedule your tour ahead of time here.


#4 Visit the Gum Wall

Yeah slightly unsanitary buy hey it is kind of cool. Just don’t touch anything. Find it down in the back of the Pike Place Market. and while you’re there…


#3 Pike Place Market

With my ever expanding travel food obsession, Pike Place Market is a welcome addition. Aside from the nice scenery and local owned shops, there is an insane amount of amazing food to try. From the best Mac and Cheese at Beecher’s “World’s Best” Mac and Cheese, fresh smoked salmon, the first original Starbucks Coffee, and piroshkys, Pikes Place has it all. It’s hard not to turn this one into one long eating tour, but at least there’s a lot of scenic walking paths. You might even get to watch the fish mongers throw around some salmon.



#2 The Space Needle

Of course the most iconic Seattle landmark had to make the list. The futuristic observatory really gives a great vibe and an excellent view of the city. Inspired by a UFO, the impressive building even rotates once an hour very slowly. On a clear day you can even see Mount Rainier in the distance. Aim to arrive either early morning or late at night to avoid lines.


#1 The Skyline from Kerry Park

Hopefully you guys haven’t gotten sick of looking at the city just yet. The best view is from Kerry park, which is on the top of Queen Anne Hill. What makes this skyline significantly better is being located right in downtown area. Its easy to see why they call Seattle the Emerald City after gazing upon it at the best vantage point. Even better than going to the top of the Space Needle is admiring it from high up. Its easy to reflect on moments like these and feel at one with the city.


And there you have it! Some of my favorite things to do in the Emerald city. If you love great food and pretty skylines, then you’ll love Seattle. Especially if you’re a coffee or art lover. Ten is a small number to fit all the possibilities in the city so let me know if I missed one of your own favorite sites. As always thanks for reading and keep leveling up!

* If you’re interested in the Bucket List Tour video in Seattle, check out the link to the youtube video here!