Adventures in the City of Strange

You may have heard of the eccentric city of Portland, and it may very well live up to those expectations. Aside from being a hipster haven, The risque burlesque theaters, exotic eateries, and of course the unique style of the locals provide Portland with a reputation that precedes itself. I spent a little time in Portland and although there is much more to see, here is my list of top ten things do do in Portland, Oregon.

*I added a few extra sights from the surrounding area from my Oregon experience

10. Check out the Oregon Coast

While not technically in Portland, taking a short 2 hour drive to the Oregon Coast is worth the detour. Newport Oregon in particular is quite sublime. Spend time admiring the awesome architecture of the Yaquina Bay Bridge, Devil’s Punch Bowl State Park, or Oregon’s very own Rouges Ale brewing company. They also have a pretty cool aquarium and if you’re lucky you can find a pack of sea lions resting by the docks.


9. Silver Falls State Park

I know I said I was never hiking again. And yes this is the last sight outside of Portland (for now). But Oregon is known for its magnificent natural beauty and should be explored. Only an hour outside of Portland, this majestic State Park has some pretty sweet Waterfalls. Silver Falls has a wide variety of scenic trails ranging from beginner to Mountaineering expert. Stop by if you have the time! Sorry TLC.


8. Powell’s City of Books

It’s true knowledge is power. And what better way to attain that power than at one of the largest bookstores in the USA (probably). Just a book store, but stop by and see what all the hype is about.


7. Portland Saturday Market

If you love handmade local arts and crafts then definitely check out the Portland Saturday Market. Ya know, if you’re lucky enough to be in Portland on a Saturday or Sunday. There’s tons of unique items and it’s a great place to walk around and grab some snacks.


6. Mill Ends Park

Welcome to the end of the world. JK I figured the tiniest park in the world needed a dramatic introduction. This tiny circular enclosure of dirt and a few plants is only 0.6 meters in diameter(2 ft for all my Americans).  Located at 56 SW Taylor St, Portland, OR 97204, It could be cool to tell everyone you walked an entire park in 2 seconds. 

5. Ride the Portland Aerial Tram

Travel through Portland in style with the Aerial Tram. For only $4.70 you can have amazing views of the city and get a fun ride. On a clear day you may even be able to see Mt. Hood.


4. Food Trucks

I didn’t forget about all my foodies out there! I couldn’t find many Oregon originated foods, but Portland’s Food Truck game is on a whole other level. All the exotic types of food made it very difficult on deciding what meals to try. From Korean Hawaiian fusion, to Gyros and other gourmet tacos, You’ll definitely find something delicious.


3. Take a picture by the “Keep Portland Weird” sign

Everyone’s gotta stop by the Keep Portland Weird sign for an obligatory photo op. Located on The rock venue Dante’s parking lot wall, its worth a short visit since its proximity to other sights is so close. I mean did you even go to Portland if you comeback without this picture? And while you’re there…


2. Voodoo Doughnuts

You won’t have to travel very far for this one. As a matter of fact, you might be able to see the line from across the street (and by might I mean you definitely will see a line). Aside from the super long line and giant crowd, the doughnuts are very well worth it. Their signature Voodoo is a little chocolate covered doll filled with jelly and stabbed with a pretzel. All of there flavors are pretty eccentric but very tasty. Its open 24 hours so grub out anytime of the day! Just remember to bring cash.


1. Lan Su Chinese Gardens

If you’re ever in need of escaping all the hipster or homeless people, there’s no better retreat than the Lan Su Chinese Gardens. The polar opposite of the rest of the energetic city, it feels as if you’ve been teleport-ed to a remote tranquil world. Vibe with the sweet acoustics and aesthetically manicured gardens in peace and tranquility.


Portland is a great city for food, people watching, and finding eccentric things to do. Bouncing from food truck to food truck, buying unique souvenirs, and being in the atmosphere all make it a city worth visiting. If you know of any other Portland hidden gems or something else worth checking out, let me know! I hope you get to see it one day and be the judge yourself.  Please subscribe and share if you liked this content. As always, thanks for reading and keep leveling up!

*Here’s my Portland, Oregon Bucket List Tour video. Enjoy!